Mixing & Mastering

MIxed emotions

Music is emotion, an energy projected through sound waves. It's like painting with frequencies. I take my work serious and I do it with a lot of passion. As a musician I know what your music needs to take it to another level. 

I'm familiar to most of the genres; from Metal to Rock, from Hip Hop to EDM, from Funk to R 'n B.

I'll guarantee a high quality custom tailored end product. It's only finished when you're satisfied with it.

The masters will be delivered in the recquired format and are optimized for all streaming platforms. Other formats are possible too, just let me know. 

Mastering options; 

1. Standard -1 dB true peak limiting (safe, no clipping) 

2. Loud -0.5 dB no true peak limiting (clipping possible)