My Studio

My studio is completely acoustically treated by GIK Acoustics. The heart of my studio is a Mac Studio M1 computer. I use a Universal Audio Apollo x16 Heritage AD/DA convertor. Hedd Audio type 20 mk II calibrated monitors in combination with Avantone mixcubes for optimized reference monitoring. Outboard analog gear; IGS Tubecore mastering tube compressor, SSL Bus+ compressor, DBX 160A compressor, SSL Fusion bus processor, Tegeler EQP-1 tube equalizer, Gainlab Audio Empress tube equalizer, Elektron Analog Heat mk II, Audient Nero monitor controller. So, somewhere down the chain the audio will run through analog gear to give it that warm and full analog (tube) sound.

Metering: TC Electronic Clarity M. Several effect units by Lexicon, Eventide, Electro Harmonix, WMD, Boss, Roland, Darkglass, Lehle and Pigtronix to name a few. Also a collection of high quality synthesizers and drumcomputers.

I work with Universal Audio plugins, Izotope plugins (Ozone 10 advanced and RX 10 Advanced), Melodyne and loads of other Industry standard plugins from various quality brands.